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Tips for Collaborating with Your Channel Partner Part 4

Final 2 tips in the series of 8 tips for channel partner collaboration

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Tips for Collaborating with Your Channel Partners

Part 4

By Karren Gurnhill

I’ve been working my way through 8 tips to increase channel partner collaboration with the end goal being increasing revenue for both you and your partner. Here are my last two tips that I’ve seen work well for flourishing partner programs.

Leveraging technology to Support Partner Programs

The most consistently well implemented form of vendor - partner collaboration in the past has been collaboration in the provision of customer services. And that is still often true today.

The most significant change to service and support collaboration has been the ability for vendors to provide access to information, tools and resources to service providers and their field service engineers. Portals and mobile apps accessing vast libraries of information, schematics and streaming video have transformed the lives of support staff. It’s time to enable your service partners as well as you enable your sales and marketing partners.

With their multi-channel communication capability and mobility solutions, Partnering Automation systems [link to http://www.relayware.com/products/partnering-automation-software/] have ushered a new era of partner relationship management providing instant access to vast amounts of multimedia content to support your channel partner professionals in their jobs.

# 8 - Make Your Partner Portal an Engagement Hub

The last decade has seen a surge in usage of web-based personal and business networking services, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. At the time same, there have also been initiatives to create communities for vendors and channel partners, and even some that bring in the end-customer. Even so, professionals are hanging on to Twitter and LinkedIn as places that bring together their whole worlds and all of their interests – private and professionals

Partnering Automation technologies allow vendors to integrate social media communities into their partner programs. Your partners go to your partner portal where they see their news stream, which may incorporate Tweets and News Feed updates. It may have its own private discussion thread. And you can enable partners to form groups and engage with one another to solve problems and collaborate. Bring your partners’ whole world to one central place, and make sure it’s available to them not just at their desk, but also via an app on a mobile device.

This places you at the center of the network and positions you as a facilitator of ecosystem collaboration.

Channel management is about putting true partnership into place you’re your channel. Effective Collaboration brings greater value to everyone in the value chain!

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