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Using Development and Operations (DevOps) to Respond Faster to Customers

Merging development and operations helps create a positive customer experience

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Using Development and Operations (DevOps) to Respond Faster to Customers

By Stuart Phipps, Relayware IT Operations Manager

Rapid customer response and efficient development are critical to creating a positive customer experience and remaining relevant in today’s marketplace. Companies are striving to achieve these business objectives and working to bring together the development and operations teams, which historically were siloed. Merging these perspectives can help alleviate the tension between these two groups and initiate regular communication.

This new software development method is often called “DevOps” and applies agile and lean development processes to operations work. This approach focuses on communication, collaboration, integration, automation and measurement between software developers and IT professionals. The idea is to focus only on most impactful development and operations pain points.

There are many factors that may derail your DevOps initiatives, such as lack of management buy-in. To implement this successfully, understand the current state of development and operations teams to determine the focus of your efforts. Here are three essential steps to take when bringing together these functions and improve performance:

  • Conduct Retrospectives: discuss experiences with previous projects amongst development and operations managers to identify issues that need to be addressed.
  • Complete a Root-cause Analysis: review development and operations metrics and processes to pinpoint the cause of throughput inefficiencies, execution inconsistencies, and other pain points.
  • Develop Customized Solutions: there is no silver bullet. Each team and project may encounter different problems during their iterations. Tailor solutions to the context of each team and regularly review their effectiveness.

Overall, for this to work, your organization must trust empowered teams to leverage the right DevOps practices to achieve quicker deployment throughput and better customer service. This is something we’ve done here at Relayware with great success.Development and Operations Working Together