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5 Things on Vendor’s 2016 Channel Wish Lists

Here's what Relayware is hearing from vendors: channel application fatigue, spreadsheet eyestrain, automation + personalization, inertia

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Tell Me Where It Hurts: 5 Things on Vendor’s 2016 Channel Wish Lists

1. App fatigue: Vendors complain that their channel partners have to go through two or three different partner portals to complete all their onboarding, register deals, log sales activity or register for training. Vendors’ channel managers likewise have no unified view of all of their partners’ activities nor a clear mapping from account plans to those activities or to sales goals. Anything that adds to channel partners' administrative workload -- like multiple apps -- drags on their time with customers and is therefore deprioritized.

What vendors want: Anything that reduces that workload -- like one place to go for all these activities -- is high on the wish list.

2. Spreadsheet eyestrain: Many large organizations assign marketing departments to distribute leads via spreadsheets. There's little to no feedback to the vendor organization on lead nurturing activity. There's little to no guidance on how to work those leads to best effect.

What vendors want: Bringing the data together in a dashboard provides an intelligent view.

3. Role-blind partner management: Automating partner relationship workflow is great, but personalization is still required. Vendors have certain information for their partners' marketers, another set of information for partners' sales engineers. The former might need collateral or access to co-branding material or requests for marketing funds; the latter need pricing tools and deal registration.

What vendors want: A PRM solution that provides each partner professional just the view that person needs, so they aren’t sifting through tons of information they don’t need.

4. Pinhole views into MDFs: Vendors ask for a way to make it easy for channel partners to submit requests for MDF funding, and to see the status of all such funding across each partner organization.

What vendors want: A wider, drillable, one-screen view, that enables better, quicker decisions on how best to help channel partners grow their markets.

5. Inertia: Vendors know how hard it is to keep channel partners engaged with customers on their behalf. Partners should have access to product info at their fingertips at all times and similarly be able to update their lead activities right after sales calls, on their mobile devices. 

What vendors want: Easy, always-available tools for their channel partners and the ability for vendors to recognize, publicly encourage and promote all activities on the road to a sale -- not just the close.

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