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What Channel Partners Want from Vendors

What the best vendors do to increase partners’ interaction with content.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

What Channel Partners Want from Vendors


Here at Relayware, we have a front row seat to how vendors are interacting with channel partners, and we have worked with channel partner programs in many different forms for many years. So, we’ve seen it all – including what the best vendors do to increase partners’ interaction with content.

You know that your partners are getting more emails than ever before and they are asked to log into more systems than ever before. And yet there are still the same number of hours in each day. So how do you get partners to engage with you and your content – thereby keeping you top of mind?

Personalize Your Partner Portal

First of all, remember to engage with the individuals who make up your channel partners. Don’t think of your communication as a blast to all of your partners at once or even blasts to channel partner organizations. These channel partner companies are made up of people, just like you.

Be human and engage them as individuals, not contacts or leads. Stop thinking business-to-business or business-to-consumers and realize that your buyers are people just like you. How can you do that and also use your limited time wisely?

The secret is the personalization of your partner portal at the individual level. The professional in charge of marketing and the sales professional at your channel partner organizations have different priorities and mandates. The partner in Japan has different needs than the partner in Germany. Help each person sift through all the information coming their way by making their partner portal experience relevant to their role, their product portfolio, their geography.

Engage Your Channel Partners

Also, make each experience interactive. Invite a two-way conversation. Don’t let it feel like a monolog.

There are several ways to accomplish this two-way street.

Have a pulse on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and most importantly pay attention to what your partners are saying about you on these networks and respond! People notice if a vendor responds – even if it’s just to say, “Thank you for letting us know. We’ll be in touch with you directly to help out.”

You can also encourage two-way conversation via an activity stream or discussion forum on your partner portal.

Always Be Available

Make sure your partner portal and its contents are easy to view on a mobile device. When your partners are out in the field, make sure it’s easy for them to get what they need from you

Another way to always be available is by having a portal that’s available in a partner’s native language. If they are at a customer site, but English isn’t their native tongue or the customer’s, then even if your portal is easy to use on a tablet, they won’t go to it, because it’s asking too much.

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