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Why I Joined Relayware

I am excited to join Relayware as the company’s chief revenue officer.

Relayware Partner Relationship Management

Why I Joined Relayware

By Jim DeSocio, Relayware Chief Revenue Officer

I am so excited to join Relayware as the company’s chief revenue officer.

Several months ago, I did a bit of consulting work for the company, and I got the opportunity to meet customers, prospects and the employees. What a strong group of people! So, of course when presented with the opportunity to come on board full time, I knew I was all in.

Over and over, I’ve had great conversations with happy customers. One example is that our onboarding process has improved new partners sales for one customer by over 50%.

In speaking with prospective customers it’s obvious that companies are really interested in investing in their channel programs. For years, companies have invested millions into their direct sales, and today, they know that to go to the next level they need to invest in strong solutions to really accelerate their channel growth.

And the employees here at Relayware are a really vibrant group. They are excited to come to work and always striving to build the best products. And by all accounts they are succeeding in doing so.

This is the first time in my career I’ve had the opportunity of representing a product that once implemented is proven to increase revenue growth exponentially. It’s incredibly rewarding to help take customers’ sales to incredible new heights.

We are seeing tremendous interest from high-growth, VC-backed companies who want to step up their market penetration by fully leveraging the channel. And so my first priorities here at Relayware are to help these companies get the right solutions for their needs today.