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Why You and Your Indirect Channel Need Relayware…



Most companies are failing the majority of the indirect channels and consequently they're failing to capitalize on their true potential?

If you are trying to find a way to improve the sales and marketing performance of your indirect channel then there are many apparent solutions on the market. But Social CRM systems are designed for customer relationship management and enterprise collaboration solutions don’t work well beyond the enterprise. Then there’s point solutions to automate programs but they create data silo’s and a poor user experience for your intermediaries.
But imagine if you could have a solution that combined indirect channel revenue performance management, program automation, collaboration and multi-channel communications on a single platform that could integrate easily and seamlessly with your CRM system. Now that really would be something wouldn’t it?

Welcome to Relayware…

What is Relayware?

Relayware is the most powerful and comprehensive solution for collaborating and communicating with any indirect channel regardless of geography, industry, size or role. Learn more ➤➤

Why You Need Relayware

Relayware will transform the way you manage the relationship with, automate programs for, collaborate with and communicate with your indirect channel.Learn more ➤➤

Who Needs Relayware?

Sales, marketing, channel marketing, operations and finance. In fact, anyone who collaborates or communicates with your indirect channels. Learn more ➤➤

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